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Dasara Clash: A Unique and Nervous Aspect!

Dasara Clash

Dasara will witness a clash of three potential films: Bhagavanth Kesari, Tiger Nageswara Rao and LEO. Each film boasts unique qualities and strong technicians, setting them up as strong contenders even before their release.

In most cases, when multiple films clash, there are weaker contenders in the mix (at least in the pre-release vibe). However, this time, it’s entirely different.

Even if all three films garner positive reviews upon their release, it may not be advantageous for them. They may not allow them to realize their full potential as they would divide the share.

If any of these films receive average talk/reviews, they may fall victim to the competition, as the audience will have more than one choice to pick from.

In conclusion, it appears that the production houses may have underestimated the impact of this clash. Let’s wait and see how things unfold after the films are released.

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