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LEO Title Row – Sithara Vamsi Feigns Ignorance

In a shocker of sorts, a local court in Vijayawada has sent a legal notice to the Telugu version producers of “LEO” asking them to hold the release until October 20th. However, producer Naga Vamsi of Sithara Entertainment, who happens to be the distributor of the Telugu version of the film, stated that he didn’t know about the Court case until media folks alerted him.

In a Vijaywada based association, someone has registered the title LEO and that will also have a legal sanctity to it. But then our film “Leo” got censored as well, so there is no question of legal issues to stop the release, but then, we will sort it out with those people off the court and make sure that they won’t get a loss. That will be sorted out in the next two days and the LEO Telugu Version will be released on the 19th as usual without fail.

On the other hand, Vamsi felt quite happy about the advance bookings in the Telugu states and confirmed that he hadn’t sold the movie for high prices but gave the film to distributors at the same price that he bought the film for. He also confirmed that Lokesh Kanagaraj and Anirudh are coming here to promote the movie, while Vijay’s presence is not known.

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