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Reviews & Ratings: Vetrimaaran’s Comments Going Viral

“When should a movie review be done, and when should it get published?”- is the question that many movie reviewers often face from the film industry. Recently some top Telugu producers commented that reviews are killing films, while some felt that a review is not important for them. However, director Vetrimaaran has a terrific take on this.

Speaking in a ’round table’ interview hosted by a Tamil journalist, acclaimed director Vetrimaaran who made films like Aadukalam, Visarnai, Vada Chennai and Asuran, made some interesting comments. “I don’t think reviews will affect any movie at the box office. For a film produced by me almost 7 years ago, there were rave reviews, but it collected only ₹1.5 crores. However, a film that fetched negative reviews ended up clocking ₹9 crores” said Vetrimaaran, saying that reviews and ratings don’t actually affect movies.

At the same time, the celebrated director also revealed few international distributors told him that good reviews are needed because actors and producers won’t feel bad or get sad about their movie, even if it didn’t do well, because these reviews will actually pacify them. Well, that’s the take of Vetrimaaran regarding reviews and ratings.

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