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Ather Energy Confirms Family Electric Scooter, New And Updated 450X

carandbike has already reported about Ather Energy’s upcoming family electric scooter, as well as revealed spy shots of camouflaged test mules. And now, Ather Energy CEO and Co-founder Tarun Mehta has confirmed that the electric two-wheeler brand is indeed working on a family electric scooter for the domestic market. The new electric scooter has already been spotted testing on public roads wearing black and white camouflage, and it will be launched in 2024. Apart from this electric scooter, Mehta has also confirmed that an updated model of the Ather 450X will be introduced as well in early 2024.

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The Ather Energy family electric scooter will be launched in 2024.

This updated Ather 450, Mehta said, will not just be the “absolute pinnacle of refined performance” but also have “best-in-class features.” What will be all-new is the new family electric scooter, which will have a much larger appearance than the Ather 450 series e-scooters. Spy shots of camouflaged test mules revealed a horizontal headlight cluster, a telescopic front fork, as well as 12-inch alloy wheels and a front disc brake. Like the 450 models, the new electric scooter also seems to employ a mid-drive motor, though at this point of time, we don’t have any details of the performance or range. It’s expected that Ather Energy may use a smaller battery in the base variant of the upcoming electric scooter to keep the entry price point low and make it more affordable and accessible.

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Spy shots of a test mule of the upcoming Ather electric family scooter reveal quite a few details.

Positioning wise, the new Ather electric scooter will have the TVS iQube in its crosshairs to take on customers who prefer a more conventional design and may be willing to overlook performance and features for a more practical consideration. The second scooter which Ather will be introducing will be an updated 450 model, which is expected to come with premium pricing as well. According to Ather Energy, and Mehta, the new 450 series electric scooter will have best-in-class features and performance, and this is something worth looking forward to.

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