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Govt not in a hurry to hand over emergency services to new company: Minister

Health Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh on Tuesday said the government is not in a hurry to take a decision in regards to handing over the emergency services to a new company.

Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said, “We are looking at it at the moment and I reiterate again and again these are all professional bidding procedures and in a professional bidding procedure which is standard you need to conform to those standards within the bids. And we are not in any hurry to take a decision on this kind of intervention.”

The minister said, “An ambulance saves lives. If we have to save a life, we have to ensure that our engagement with bidders as per within the parameters of the bidding are adhered to, there should be no gaps, no errors, no scope for anyone to accuse us for not having done the best thing possible.”

Seeking more time to finalise the process, Lyngdoh said, “Our NHM director is also away on official duty, he is engaged in election duty. There is no harm; we can wait a little bit more. I am in touch with the workers of the 108 explaining to them that if this decision has to be taken, let it be one which will be as flawless as possible.”

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