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My Kia Seltos diesel turns 3: Fuel efficiency, service & the first dent

For DPF regeneration, the service centre followed the same procedure that is meant for Hyundai Creta.

BHPian dipdawiz recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

3 years and little more than 21500 Km later thought of updating this thread. Done 3rd year service from Advaith Kia Bansankari. Service experience is decent, used their pickup and drop facility as it is 15km from my home. I avoided JSP Kia which is just 4km from my home based on the experience of two of my friends.

Yokohama Earth 1 performing better than before. Suspension is softer. The mileage in Bangalore is between 10~12kmpl. On the highway runs, it’s 17-18kmpl. Kia Connect subscription got over, did not reactive it this time considering the functionality – actually the lack of it. Took Kia’s RSA though, for 3 years at 3499.

Got DPF regenerate warning at 21400km. Luckily it was in the service center, so they initiated it. Asked about it, looks like even though it is not in the 2020 Seltos’ manual, the same procedure as Creta works on Seltos. Giving the procedure here from the Creta manual

Sorry for the long image

For me out of 21K Km, 80% drive is on the highway, but looks like a couple of months in the city clogs up DPF really fast.

After 3 years, the unfortunate happened while on a trip in Kerala. The hotel I was in, has parking in tall grassland. So the parking sensor was beeping all around. It was raining and evening time, while backing up there was a protruding tree branch; I backed on it and that put a dent in the tail gate and broke the tail light. Gone my last 8 years 50% NCB.

Moral of the story, if you are distracted, try to calm down a bit while in a tight situation.

So again, it went to Advaith Kia, Bansankari. As it was there for body shop work, asked them the price for dual tone conversion, it was some 17k odd they told me. Tried to negotiate, they said they would see if they could reduce, later they did it for 14k. 90% happy with the quality of workmanship. Though it is good on a casual look, you can bring out some issues here and there both for repair and painting, but the paint quality feels good. There is nothing better than factory fitting. Do not get me wrong, it is as good as you get for the service quality we get here in India for any other thing.

PS – Do not know what regular dual-tone Seltos is written on the RC card. Basic color is white so did not bother to change the RC card yet.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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