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Sreeleela should save ‘Adikesava’

Tollywood actress Sreeleela, known for her acting and dancing skills is gearing up for the release of her upcoming film “Adikesava” on November 24. Despite being one of the top heroines in the industry, Sreeleela is grappling with the challenges of fluctuating success.

The film, starring Vaishnav Tej in the lead role, has not garnered significant hype in the pre-release period. While the makers are actively promoting the movie, the expected buzz is yet to materialize.

Sreeleela’s established popularity is expected to play a crucial role in drawing audiences to theaters and ensuring a successful opening for the film.

Having recently featured in Boyapati’s “Skanda” opposite Ram, Sreeleela received praise for her acting but faced disappointment at the box office. On a positive note, her role in “Bhagwant Kesari” was well-received, marking a successful venture for both the film and her acting skills.

However, maintaining success in regular commercial heroine roles is imperative for Sreeleela, considering her status as a star heroine in the industry.

With “Adikesava” being her third release this year after “Skanda” and “Bhagwant Kesari,” Sreeleela is facing the pressure associated with the film’s performance. The actress is hopeful that the movie will strike a chord with the audience and contribute to her continued success in the industry.

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