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Kota Bommali PS Has No Political Agendas: Teja Marni

Kota Bommali PS

GA2 Pictures is currently busy with a riveting political thriller titled Kota Bommali PS starring versatile actor Srikanth Meka, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajashekar in lead roles. The film is directed by Teja Marni of Johar and Arjuna Phalguna fame. The film is releasing tomorrow and director interacted with media about the film.

He said, “The film has little relevance to present political situations in Telugu states. There are a few hard realities about the system that continue to be significant in political crises. We sought to explain “How people are corrupted and the system?” And this is the crux of our story. Kota Bommali PS has no political agendas.”

He added “You want to tell a tale that resonates with your beliefs as a director, and I’m very socially responsible, so my films will reflect that. Cinema does not transform people, but it can impact them and make them think. As a result, we must use visual media with caution because it registers more.”

Talking about the viral song Lingi Lingi Lingidi, he said “We decided to include a authentic Srikakulam folk song in the film. I think I heard the song “Lingi Lingi Lingidi” as a child, and I wanted to use it, so we looked for a singer and eventually finished the song. I expected the song will reach people, but I didn’t anticipate it to go viral.”

Talking about difficulties in the shoot, he said “We took lot of care on aesthetics and you can observe that in my previous films too. The drama, locations and all the other elements will give you the feeling of Srikakulam setup. We shot the film in Naxals area where transportation was very tough. The outdoor schedule was very tough for the entire team.”


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