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Murder Mystery Unfolds with Secret Tasks and Intriguing Twists

In a refreshing turn of events, Bigg Boss Season 7 introduced an entertainment task for the housemates, injecting some fun and excitement into the house. The task involved a murder mystery scenario, complete with a lunch arrangement for the housemates and a garden area set up to resemble a crime scene. Arjun and Amardeep were assigned the roles of policemen, tasked with solving the murder case.

Setup for Murder Mistery:

Bigg Boss initially explained the intricacies of the task to the housemates. Each participant received a unique role, contributing to the overall suspense and entertainment for the viewers. As part of the murder mystery task, Bigg Boss individually briefed each housemate in the confession room about their assigned roles. Amardeep and Arjun, taking on the roles of policemen, were warned that more murders would occur if the killer remained unidentified. The police had only three chances to solve the mystery. Other roles included Ashwini and Shobha as competing reporters, Shivaji as the Manager, Pallavi as the Chef, Priyanka and Prince as Butlers, Gautham as the Gardener, and Rathika as the Driver.

Perfect Setup – The audience knows who the killer is but the housemates don’t:

In an unusual twist, Shivaji was given a secret task by Bigg Boss, marking the first such task in Season 7. Acting as the manager of the Bigg Boss mansion, Shivaji was revealed as the murderer. He was also handed a necklace by Mrs. Bigg Boss and provided a phone to receive instructions on how to eliminate a contestant in the house. Pallavi was the first on Shivaji’s list, and the task involved placing Prashant’s plant in the postbox.

Shivaji kills Prashant:

Following the instructions, Shivaji strategically locked Prashant in the store room before placing the plant in the postbox, setting off a chain of events. The housemates embarked on a search for Prashant, ultimately discovering him in the store room. However, Bigg Boss clarified to Prashant that the killer having completed the task, Prashant transitioned into a ghostly existence. As per the instructions, Prashant donned a ghost costume and was directed to enter the house only after the lights were off, refraining from interacting with other housemates.

This unique blend of entertainment and mystery has injected a fresh wave of excitement into the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu house, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next twists and turns in this engaging murder mystery task.

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