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The Story Of The Snake PS Movie Review

The Story Of The Snake PS Movie Review

Faithful Remake


U/A, 2h 18m

Srikanth-Kota-Bommali-PS-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Ramakrishna (Srikanth), Ravi (Rahul Ravi), and Kumari (Shivani) are cops on the run from Kotabommali PS. Why are they on the run, who is chasing them, and how it all end forms the movie’s overall plot.


Srikanth gets a well-written central character after a long gap and he delivers the required with at most sincerity. Right from the first scene to the end, he carries the movie on his able shoulders. The intensity and drama required for the part are delivered equally by the senior actor making it a memorable role in his career.

Rahul Vijay too gets a good part and he does well. He could have been more effective in certain places, but when seen as a whole he is okay.

Shivani is the third key member of the plot who is on the run. She has a deglamorized role with lots of drama to enact. She does well to her capabilities even though at times it is in the over-the-top zone.

Director Teja-MarniAnalysis

Teja Marni directs Kotabommali PS. It is a remake of the critically acclaimed Malayalam movie Nayattu.

The setting and casting of movies like these are crucial while remaining in Telugu. The team gets that right here. It takes time to get into the main story, but enough moments are presented to get immediately drawn into the small world and the police and political set up which is the base.

Considering the current political atmosphere the subject also appears timely as the content looks relatable.

The main story begins when the police are on the run after an unexpected incident. A cat and mouse game starts where it becomes the police versus the police. It is this aspect that is the movie’s major highlight.

The narrative sticks to capturing the cops without any deviation. The tracking and tense moments and drama in addition mixed with the political backdrop lend raciness to the proceedings.

The interval block sets up things perfectly for the drama to follow next without the element of predictability.

The second half, comparatively lacks the energy and momentum of the first half, especially the half an hour towards the interval.

Still, there is enough drama and content to engage the audience. After a point, it becomes all about how the cops are going to get out of the situation they are in. It comes with a simple solution and a tragedy that also sticks to the setting and isn’t tampered with.

Up until the climax, Kotabommali PS is mostly a faithful remake of the original and manages to maintain its gripping quality despite minor changes. However, the ending moments are changed entirely keeping the Telugu audience’s sensibilities in mind. It is nicely done, even though spoon-feeding the viewer.

Overall, Kotabommali PS is a timely-made drama involving cops and the political system, even if cinematic adaptation of the realistic original. Give it a try if you like to see a different yet gripping tale.

Shivani-Rajashekar-Kota-Bommali-PS-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and Murali Sharma are the other artists who play significant roles. The latter shines playing a typical politician and steals shows towards the end. Varalakshmi is reliable as usual and fits the bill of a smart and decisive police officer. The rest didn’t have much to do and have bits and pieces of roles, but each one fits the bill.

Music and Other Departments?

Ranjin Raj provides the music and background score. There is not much here music-wise, but the background score is neatly done. It rightly elevates the proceedings whenever the opportunity arises. The cinematography is decent and captures the topography well. The editing is sharp, mostly. The writing adequately conveys the drama and message.






Cinematic Changes

Casting (Could Be Better)

Slows Down Progressively

Rahul-Vijay-Kota-Bommali-PS-Movie-ReviewDid I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?

Yes, if you haven’t watched the original

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