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DJ Tillu Using Radhika To The Fullest

When the film “DJ Tillu” was released, instantly the name ‘Radhika Akka’ turned out to be a fascination for the whole of Telugu states. And Neha Shetty, who has played the role of Radhika, shot to huge fame after that release. Though she is not there in the sequel of the movie, Tillu Square, now DJ Tillu makers are making sure to use the Radhika phenomenon to their advantage.

On Saturday, the makers of “Tillu Square”, Sithara Entertainment, has released the second song promo from the film, and it is the name of the song that is raking up interest. The song is titled “Radhika, Not Just A Name” and going by the promo, it looks like another peppy number from singer-composer Ram Miryala is in the offing.

However, the appearance of Anupama Parameswaran is quite sizzling in the song, but many are wondering why she is also named Radhika in the movie. And if she is Radhika, why not the original Radhika, Neha Shetty, isn’t repeated?

On that note, we have to say that DJ Tillu sequel “Tillu Square” is carrying fantastic buzz, and at a time when the flop show of ‘Aadikeshava’ became the talk of the town, Sithara Entertainment releasing a single from this upcoming movie to keep the negative talk at the bay is very interesting.

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