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Galaxy S24 Ultra is on its way to becoming the best S Pen phone!

Last updated: November 24th, 2023 at 15:10 UTC+01:00

The first alleged live photos of the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra have emerged, and they give me hope that the flagship set for a January 2024 unveiling will become the best S Pen phone we’ve had in years (or ever).

The last S Pen device I owned was the Galaxy Note 10, and although I liked the overall experience, I was never a fan of the curved Edge display.

Admittedly, the Edge display gave the Galaxy Note 10 a sleek look. The Note 10 was quite photogenic. However, beyond appearances, the Edge design made the phone slippery, and the S Pen experience suffered because of that curved panel.

Pairing a precision input device such as the S Pen with a curved screen never seemed like a good design choice in my eyes. The Galaxy Note 10 leaned a little too much toward style over function. And, seemingly, it will take a Galaxy S flagship to fix this problem the Galaxy Note has had for years.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra might be the best S Pen flagship in years

The Galaxy Note series was discontinued after the Galaxy Note 20, but its spirit lives on through the Galaxy S Ultra.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra was the closest Samsung got to a flat screen ever since the base Galaxy Note 20, but it looks like the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the first to ditch the Edge display entirely.

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Judging by leaks, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the first S Pen flagship in years to feature a completely flat screen, which is bound to benefit the S Pen experience. And I’m all here for it!

Image credit: @DavidMa05368498

I’ve become a fan of flat screens ever since I got my Galaxy S22+. Even though this phone lacks S Pen support, I quickly realized just how much better off the S Pen would be if Samsung were to pair it with a flat display.

Whether or not the Galaxy S24 Ultra will offer any extra S Pen improvements or even higher accuracy/lower latency remains to be seen. But the fact that S Pen enthusiasts will finally be able to use their favorite accessory across the entire display surface without worrying about it slipping over a curve is a big boon already.

Personally, I got used to not having an S Pen on the S22+, and I will probably upgrade to the S24+ next year. But if I wanted to reintroduce the S Pen into my smartphone routine, I’d gladly pick the Galaxy S24 Ultra, based on what I’ve seen so far.

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