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Opted for Tint and Orange PPF for my brand-new Skoda Slavia

I had read and heard a lot of issues cropping up with Garware with regard to yellowing and stretch marks.

BHPian AlokSharma recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Skoda Slavia PPF – Detailing Dons (Navi Mumbai)

I had booked a Skoda Slavia Lava Blue way back in mid-August and had started researching on getting a PPF. I was getting wary of the ever-increasing city traffic especially that of two-wheelers and rickshaws and how they try to squeeze every possible space out there in Mumbai traffic. Add to this the stone chippings and the public parking nightmare (It is often here where how far the doors can open are tested).

I also read in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of PPF and how repainting a panel would also almost cost the same. But felt the advantages of a PPF outweighed all of its drawbacks. I spoke to 4 detailers in Mumbai at length and took quotes from all of them.

Optimum Detailerz

  • Garware 5-year warranty PPF
  • Cost : 129000 rs
  • Duration: 7 days

3M Car Care Seawoods

  • Series 100 7-year warranty PPF
  • Cost : 150000 rs
  • Duration: 2.5 days

3M Car Care Vashi

  • Series 100 7-year warranty PPF
  • Cost : 115000 rs
  • Duration: 2.5 days

Detailing Dons Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

  • Garware 5-year warranty PPF/ Tint and Orange 5-year warranty PPF (180 microns)
  • Cost: 100000 rs
  • Duration 2.5 days

Out of the above, I had multiple lengthy calls with both Mr Amol at Optimum Detailerz and Mr Junaid at Detailing Dons to try and understand small nuances related to PPF. Both went to great lengths to explain in detail. Two of my friends had got their car PPFed at Detailing Dons and were happy with their workmanship. I finally decided to go with Detailing Dons as it was both cheaper and the duration was also 2.5-3 days as against 7 days of Optimum Detailerz.

Finally, after taking the delivery of the Slavia on 3 Nov, I called up Junaid at Detailing Dons and told him that I could get the car as soon as possible. Unfortunately, he said the next 4-5 days are booked due to the festive season. The next 3-5 days seemed like eternity and I just passed the time just driving around within Navi Mumbai with sparse traffic. Finally, on 9 Nov, I reached Detailing Dons at around 11 am and started discussing the formalities. Junaid suggested that I should look at Tint and Orange with a 5-year warranty.

I had read and heard a lot of issues cropping up with Garware with regard to yellowing and stretch marks. A couple of PPF applicators in Mumbai confirmed the same.

Junaid said that they have been doing Tint and Orange for almost a year now and the complaints were rare. I decided to trust him and went ahead with his suggestion to opt for Tint and Orange with a 5-year warranty. He said that since they are the authorised dealers for Tint and Orange in Mumbai, they will address any issues with it.

The whole PPF process involved the following process:

  • Full body clay-bar decontamination
  • Full body Paint correction
  • Full paint body PPF
  • Roof top Ceramic
  • Alloys (ceramic)
  • Front & back windshield (ceramic)
  • Fibres ceramic
  • Engine rodent coat
  • Detail Interior cleaning

I was told that I would get the car on Saturday evening and I was eagerly waiting for the same. Junaid kept me updated with pictures and they have quite an active page on Instagram.

Finally, I reached the store on Saturday evening and there it was shining in all its glory. It looked drop-dead-gorgeous. The attention to detail was extremely good and I was pretty happy with their work. The car will now go for a small inspection after 8-10 days for any abnormalities related to bubbles or anything else showing up.

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