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Political Parties Behind Fake Surveys


The Polling in the Telangana Assembly Elections will happen on the 30th of this month. We are just four days away.

All the parties are sweating it hard to impress the voters at the last minute.

Meanwhile, there are numerous surveys floating in social media and WhatsApp predicting the mood of Telangana.

Even though the Election Commission of India banned all Pre-polls and Opinion Polls until after the polling time on the 30th, these surveys continue to spring up.

There are surveys in the names of unknown organizations and there are some fake surveys in the name of reliable survey agencies and media groups.

The Political Parties and their social media wings are behind these fake surveys. They are intended to influence the voters and lure them. But since all the parties are doing that, these fake surveys are also divided.

While everything is part and parcel of the game, we should only think that innocent people do not fall for these fake surveys and resort to betting.

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