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All Is Well Between Parasuram And Geetha Arts

The director Parasuram, known for his work in “Geetha Govindam” and “Sarkaru Vaari Paata,” has uniquely associated with Geetha Arts. The production house gave him an opportunity when he faced a setback with the movie “Saarocharu,” and he delivered a blockbuster with “Geetha Govindam,” starring Vijay Devarakonda.

However, there were reports of fallout when Parasuram chose to direct a film with Vijay Devarakonda under Dil Raju’s banner instead of Geetha Arts. Bunny Vas, the head of Geetha Arts-2, addressed this issue in an interview.

Bunny Vas explained, “After ‘Geetha Govindam,’ we wanted to do another film with the Vijay-Parasuram combination. We also had a story in mind for that. At the same time, Vijay called and said that he liked the story narrated by Parasuram. He mentioned that he would do it under Dil Raju’s banner. This hurt both Aravind (Allu Aravind) and me a lot. Parasuram did not communicate this properly with us, and we were hurt because we got to know about it differently. We were upset, and we reacted accordingly.”

Now, things are pretty good between the two. “Later, Parasuram called and explained that while he was with the 14 Reels banner, he narrated the line to Dil Raju in the flow of things, and they decided to proceed with that project. Vijay liked the story, and they were ready to make the film. Afterward, Dil Raju called and offered us a share in the film, but Aravind Garu declined it. Now everything is settled, and we are planning to make a film combining Vijay and Parasuram,” said the producer.

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