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McLaren F1 Extends Mercedes Engine Deal Till 2030

McLaren has cemented its long-standing collaboration with Mercedes in Formula 1, extending its engine deal with the German powertrain manufacturer until 2030, spanning through the anticipated regulatory shift in 2026.

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The formidable McLaren-Mercedes alliance, rekindled in 2021 after a previous successful run from 1995 to 2014, will persist through the upcoming transformative phase of Formula 1’s engine regulations.

The decision follows McLaren’s resurgence after its turbulent stint with Honda. Reuniting with Mercedes in 2021, McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo clinched the 2021 Italian Grand Prix, signifying a remarkable resurgence. Despite a dip in form in 2022, the team re-established its podium potential in 2023, even outpacing its engine supplier, Mercedes, in terms of car performance.

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Acknowledging McLaren’s achievements, Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff praised the team’s performance, affirming that McLaren’s competitive resurgence serves as a blueprint for enhancing the sport’s overall competitiveness. The partnership between Mercedes and strong customer teams, like McLaren, is deemed pivotal, fostering competition while driving technical advancements.

McLaren’s decision to extend its collaboration with Mercedes comes amidst speculations about potential alternative partnerships, including discussions with Audi. However, McLaren’s shareholders preferred to maintain control over the team and opted to retain a customer deal with Mercedes, a proven and trusted supplier.

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, expressed confidence in the team’s future direction with Mercedes, highlighting the extension as a testament to the trust in Mercedes’ powertrains and the shared vision for the forthcoming regulations.

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The contract extension comes at a crucial juncture as Formula 1 gears up for the transition to new rules in 2026, embracing sustainable fuels and heightened reliance on electrical power. Mercedes is already making substantial strides in developing the 2026 power unit, commencing work as early as 2022, ensuring a smooth transition into the new era of Formula 1.

The extension marks a continuation of McLaren’s fruitful association with Mercedes, reflecting the team’s aspirations to consistently vie at the front of the grid.

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