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Solar surge sparks geomagnetic storms on Earth: Spectacular Aurorae await | Technology News

NASA recently warned about a surge in sunspots and the launch of multiple coronal mass ejections (CMEs) in the coming days. EarthSky has now reported that scientists have detected disturbances in Earth’s magnetic field called G1 geomagnetic storms, which are temporary disturbances in the planet’s magnetic field.

As a result of this geomagnetic storm, people living in northern and southern latitudes can witness more beautiful northern and southern lights, also known as aurorae.

Due to the increase in CMEs on the Sun, the geomagnetic storm on Earth began around 8:59 UTC or 2:05 IST on November 25. People in the northern part of the US should be able to witness aurorae. EarthSky also reported that there could be another storm coming tomorrow.

Solar flares are categorised into four different classes — B, C, M, and X. B flares are too small to harm Earth, C flares will have noticeable consequences on the planet, M flares are a bit more serious and can cause limited radio blackouts, and X flares are the most dangerous, potentially causing planet-wide radio blackouts with strong radiation emissions.

However, since the initial reporting, the flares seem to have decreased to low levels with just four C flares observed in the last 24 hours, despite there being 11 active regions on the surface of the Sun. In the next 24 hours, there is a 99 per cent chance of C flares, a 55 per cent chance of M flares, and a 10 per cent chance of X flares.

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With solar activity on the rise over the past few days, it was reported that there will be more M flares, and scientists speculated that there will be large M and X flares.

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