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Watch: Many Used Pawan Kalyan More Than Me

M9 News Journalist Nishant spoke with Actor Nithin ahead of the release of the December 8th release, Extra Ordinary Man. Nithin explains how the script narrated by Vakkantham Vamsi excited him.

“I play a Junior Artist in the film. But we do not show any cinema kashtalu in the movie. Our only Agenda right from Day one is Entertainment. You will enjoy the film thoroughly,” Nithin says.

We asked him about the criticism of using Pawan Kalyan in his films. “I am a fan of Pawan Kalyan and never hesitated to claim myself as a fan. I am not using Pawan Kalyan’s name. I am not forcibly doing that. There is one scene in the film in that coolie attire. There is no other motive,” Nithin said.

He also answered the question about fans saying that he is using Pawan Kalyan but not lending the star the support when he needs it.

We also asked him about giving a chance to Vakkantham Vamsi when he is undergoing a bad phase in his career after the failure of Na Peru Surya and Agent (as a writer).

Nithin also responded about the insecurity when sharing the screen with a happening actress like Sreeleela, bringing back Harris Jayaraj for the film’s music, etc.

Talking about the failures, he went on to say what went wrong in his career, the reason behind still working with his own banner even after doing more than thirty films, etc.

He also spoke about Rashmika – Venky Kudumula, prompting the actress to walk out of the film with Nithin.

The actor also revealed his next films with Venky Kudumula and Venu Sriram.

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