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Instagram Showing Sexual Videos To Teens?


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and particularly so amongst the younger generation where social life tendencies are usually high.

However, The Wall Street Journal has now published a report and this clearly states that the parent company of Instagram, Meta, which also owns FaceBook has designed Instagram’s algorithm in such a way that it serves only addictive content to teenage users.

Reportedly, Instagram’s algorithm classifies teenagers as one group and often serves them overtly sexual reels and videos in order to keep them glued to their platform.

What’s more shocking is that several top companies that are advertising with Instagram are having their ads placed right next to these sexual videos for increased viewership.

Reportedly, there was a recent ad for Pizza Hut which was placed right next to a video of a man sleeping next to a girl, identified as a child.

Now, there is widespread agitation against Instagram for the aforementioned reason to safeguard the young from such content on social media. Companies like Bumble and Tinder have stopped advertising with Instagram now.

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