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Teja Sajja’s Struggles Multiple Injuries On Hanuman Set

Today marks the release of the third single, “Avakaya Anjaneya,” from director Prasanth Varma’s original superhero film, “Hanu-Man,” featuring Teja Sajja. During the shooting of this song, Varma revealed poignant and emotionally charged moments.

Despite the prevalence of action sequences in the movie, Teja Sajja, faced numerous injuries and breakages during fights while shooting for the movie. Dedicated to the song’s creation, Varma invested 2.5 years in different stages. In a unique twist, during the filming of “Avakaya Anjaneya,” Teja sustained an injury and broke C4 spinal cord injury while performing the stunts by himself.

Each song in the film goes beyond mere choreography, narrating stories rather than just dance steps. “Avakaya Anjaneya” holds deeper meanings carefully embedded in the lyrical video, showcasing the love and respect showered upon Teja Sajja for his hardworking nature.

Teja Sajja responded to questions about sharing the release date January 12th with Superstar Mahesh Babu’s upcoming movie “Guntur Kaaram.” He expressed that there is no competition as Mahesh Babu is a colossal superstar. Teja believes in the divine support of Lord Hanuman, citing how the deity has guided them thus far. He is confident that this divine assistance will continue, and the audience’s support will be unwavering.

Teja emphasized that after watching the trailer, viewers will undoubtedly fall in love with the movie. He encourages everyone to focus on enjoying each film’s unique time in theaters, rather than dwelling on competition. Teja’s positive outlook reflects a belief in the individual charm and success that each movie brings to its audience.

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