Home CINEMA Everyone is waiting for this update of “Guntur Karam”. |

Everyone is waiting for this update of “Guntur Karam”. |

Guntur Karam is a mass masala entertainer directed by word magician Trivikram with our Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu as the hero, young heroines Meenakshi Chaudhary and Srileela as the heroines. Mahesh will be seen in a full-length mass role after a long time in this highly anticipated film. With this, all the fans are waiting for this movie with a lot of hype.

And the first song already released from the movie was also a super hit. And now everyone is waiting for the next song of the movie. The already young and dynamic producer has confirmed the second single but in this second week there is still no moment from Mekan and as the release time of the movie is approaching, fans are in a hurry for updates. Let’s see if the update on this song will come sometime this week.

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