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KCR Avoided Media Post-Exit Polls


Telangana Congress chief Revanth Reddy had a confident media meeting today after assessing multiple exit polls which were entirely in favor of the Congress Party.

Speaking with the media after the arrival of the exit polls, Revanth said “Congress need not wait till 3 December to celebrate our win. It is a done thing. We are forming the government and there are no two ways about it.”

Revanth added “The only reason why KCR didn’t come in front of the media is that he understood that Telangana people have slapped him out of power. He and his family have been torturing the people of Telangana for last 10 years and they’ve been seeing Telangana people as slaves. That will change now”.

Revanth’s exuberance at the media meeting has rejuvenated the Congress troops and they have already started to celebrate the reinforcements from the exit polls.

It is known that the all-important counting is on the 3rd of December which is under 72 hours from now.

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