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Mad Rush For Animal Tickets Beats Election Fever

On November 30, the state of Telangana went for elections and a considerable percentage of people turned out to vote too. However, though youths are rushing to the poll booths, their mind is on something else. Thats where the ‘Animal’ fever comes into place in the state of Telangana and here goes an interesting snippet.

While Thursday is a holiday for everyone, many working youths are actually considering marking even Friday as leave such that they will get a long weekend to celebrate. As part of the relief from work, and after a voting day, most of them want to get entertained. A very large percentage of this entertainment-seeking gang is now looking forward to ‘Animal’ tickets. Some are trying to book online, some are reaching out to theatres in the evening to book their tickets in advance, and some are approaching their influential friends to get the tickets. Beating the election fever, the rush for Animal tickets is a major topic as per the entertainment analysts.

If you think this is a fluke guess, you’re wrong. Because by the night in the city of Hyderabad, the hashtag “#AnimalMovie” is trending online, beating the likes of #ExitPolls, #Congress and #Prabhas as well. Maybe after the trailer of “Salaar” hits the marquee on December 1st, Friday evening, the Prabhas’ trend might take over, but for now ‘Animal’ is the leader.

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