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Animal Threat For Nani Is Gone!

Animal Hi Nanna

Until the first U.S. premieres of ‘Animal,’ it seemed imminent that Nani’s ‘Hi Nanna’ would need to postpone its release due to the overwhelming hype surrounding ‘Animal,’ directed by the maker of ‘Arjun Reddy’ and promising high-action sequences.

However, as reviews began surfacing and the public word of mouth by evening, it became evident that Nani had little to worry about regarding ‘Animal.’

It’s not that ‘Animal’ is receiving mixed reviews, but its content lacks the force to overshadow a film like ‘Hi Nanna.’

Also, ‘Animal’s weak second half, more importantly the extremely lengthy runtime, and its unsuitability for family viewing quickly diluted the hype around the violent film ‘Animal.’

Now, the onus lies on debutant director Shouryuv to entertain the audience with his emotional storytelling right from the early screenings. The initial buzz and critical reception will be crucial —if positive, ‘Hi Nanna’ stands a good chance of finding its footing.

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