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Exit polls hint at Congress win in TS

Exit polls hint at Congress win in TS
Exit polls hint at Congress win in TS

A man shows the indelible ink mark on his index finger after casting vote for the Telangana State Assembly elections at Charminar in Hyderabad on Thursday.
| Photo Credit: RAMAKRISHNA G

All exit polls have hinted at the Congress party nearly coming to power in Telangana relegating the ruling BRS to the second place.

The BJP has been relegated to the third place in the exit polls with single digit seats while the MIM another major contender is shown as failing to retain its 2018 seats.

Soon after the polling concluded at 5 p.m., television channels ran the outcome of the exit polls giving the Congress party clear edge. Most of the agencies that had done the exit polls has given Congress party between 51 to 56 seats. The BRS gets anywhere between 41 to 55 seats, the BJP7-10, MIM five to seven.

CNN has given Congress 56 seats followed by 48 for the BRS, 10 for the BJP and five others in the 119 strong Telangana Assembly. Chankya has given a whopping 67-78 seats for the Congress, BRS (22-31), BJP (6-9) and others (6-7).

Aara agency has forecast the Congress as likely to get 58-67 seats, BRS (41-49), BJP (5-7) and others (7-9). P. Pulse has predicted that the Congress was likely to secure 62-72, BRS (35-46), BJP (3-8) and Others (7-9). C-PAC mentioned Congress was likely to get 65 seats followed by BRS (41), BJP (four) and Others (nine).

Rajaneeti agency has given 56 for Congress, BRS (45), BJP (10) and Others (eight). PTS Group fancies Congress to win 65-68, BRS (35-40), BJP (7-10) and Others (7-10). Kase Studies agency gave a high of 70 plus or minus, BRS (29 plus or minus), BJP (13 plus or minus) and MIM (6-7).

Most of the exit polls did not mention the sample size and the methodology in arriving at the number of seats. The outcome clearly hinted that anti-incumbency factor against the elected representatives and the government had led to the situation.

Minister for Information Technology and BRS working president K. T. Rama Rao made light of the exit polls saying that in 2018 elections, almost all the exit polls results were far away from the final outcome. “Only one agency gave almost accurate result while others were far off the mark,” he said. TPCC chief A. Revanth Reddy said he was glad that the exit polls had predicted Congress victory.

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