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What Happens When You Consume Curry Leaves Daily? Pros And Cons You Must Know Of

What Happens When You Consume Curry Leaves Daily? Pros And Cons You Must Know Of

Curry leaves can be consumed in various creative ways

We just love how fascinating the world of Indian gastronomy is. It offers you a variety of herbs and spices that go beyond just enhancing the flavours of a dish. One such popular herb used widely in Indian recipes is curry leaves, or as we call it kadhi patta. Grown widely in your kitchen garden, curry leaves have a unique aroma and add a layer of flavour to various recipes, especially in the Southern region of India. That’s not all. It is super healthy as well. Curry leaves are packed with antioxidants, minerals, and various other nutrients that benefit our health in multiple ways. This is why, you will find many people including the herb in their daily diet. But, is it safe to consume curry leaves daily? Let’s find out.
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Is It Good To Eat Curry Leaves Daily?

To put it simply, you can easily add curry leaves to your daily diet. Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija weighs in, “Curry leaves contain carbohydrates, vitamins A, C and E. Alongside they boost of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-diabetic properties that help regulate blood sugar levels in the body, along with maintiaining a healthy gut.”
1. Vitamin A in curry leaves helps improve vision and lower the risks of other eye diseases.
2. Vitamin C in curry leaves helps flush out toxins and prevent oxidative stress in the body.
3. Vitamin E in curry leaves help boost skin health and prevent diseases including acne, pimple, and more.
4. The antioxidants help promote a healthy gut and boost digestion.
5. It also helps promote blood and oxygen flow in the skin cells, further aiding hair health.
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Quick Tip To Remember While Including Curry Leaves In Your Diet:

A report in WebMD states, “As the USDA data does not have a standard portion size for curry leaves, it’s hard to be sure exactly how many nutrients and calories you’re getting when cooking with curry leaves.” So, the best practice is to consult an expert and understand the dosage before including curry leaves in your daily regimen.

How You Can Include Curry Leaves In Your Daily Diet? Tips And Tricks:

1. In form of tea: You can boil curry leaves and prepare tea to start your day with.
2. Chew it raw: Experts suggest washing and chewing some curry leaves the first thing in the morning to give a healthy start to the day.
3. Prepare powder: You can sun dry the curry leaves and blend it into smooth powder and mix it with salad, soup, health-drinks, and consume.
4. Add to tadka: You can use it as an element to prepare tadka for various recipes.
Now that you know it all about curry leaves and the usages, we suggest you to consume them daily in moderation, to make the most of the benefits. Meanwhile, click here for some interesting ways to include curry leaves in your diet.

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