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KCR Likely To Play Spoilsport With Revanth’s CM Aspirations

With numerous surveys suggesting an absolute majority for the Congress, the debate over who would be the chief ministerial candidate has also gained momentum. With A. Revanth Reddy being the TPCC chief, there is heavy speculation that he would be the first choice for the post. If the BRS is set to lose, there is buzz that the party chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao would immediately scuttle the chances of Revanth Reddy from becoming the chief minister, given the rivalry between the duo.

Revanth had always been castigating KCR for his ‘corruption and wily argument’. Being a staunch loyalist and dedicated disciple of TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu, Revanth had never bought KCR’s argument for the need of separate Telangana state.

Since being accused in the cash-for-vote scam, Revanth and KCR have been at loggerheads for the Congress leader (then in the TDP) believes that it was the latter who played the trick and got him framed.

This apart, this time, Revanth and KCR have locked horns over the Kamareddy constituency, as their second seat. Apart from Kamareddy, Revanth is contesting from his home turf Kodangal and KCR from his sitting seat Gajwel.

Moreover, Revanth also never forgets how KCR deceived the Congress on the merger of his party with theirs, once the separate state of Telangana was carved out from united Andhra Pradesh.

Further, the Congress leader never fails to target KCR during his speeches in the public. Revanth makes the best of his oratory skills to wean away the voters from the BRS and its boss.

Given these factors, KCR and Revanth continue to be arch rivals never missing a chance to target each other.

It has to be seen how far KCR would be successful in achieving his goal.

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