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‘KCR Started Trapping Congress MLAs’


Telangana is set to see the biggest political development in the last 10 years as the exit polls clearly suggest a Congress victory in the polls. This has led to a heated discussion on how the parties manage the post-poll scenario when there is a hung situation in the state.

Coming to the point, Karnataka Congress bigwig DK Sivakumar who even campaigned for Congress in Telangana has made an interesting comment.

“Our party MLA candidates have shared with us that the ruling party, BRS leaders have started to contact them. We have identified that KCR himself has come in touch with many of our MLA candidates.” DK said.

DK revealed that KCR himself has come in touch with Congress MLA candidates with the intention of trapping them. He added that the Congress will not indulge in cam politics this time.

With the counting just a few hours from now, this comment from DK that KCR is in touch with BRS MLAs has become a revelation. if there really is a hung situation, the numbers game is going to be monstrous.

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