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Mode Sonnet Custom Mechanical Keyboard Review: Refined Elegance

The custom mechanical keyboard hobby has expanded tremendously over the last few years, but one staple has remained the same: the best keyboards are almost always locked behind the group buy model, forcing you to pay sometimes upwards of a year in advance. Mode Designs has bucked that trend with its online configurator, replacing those extended wait times with a (mostly) ready-to-ship operation, more customization options, and a level of quality that competes with the very best custom keyboards.

The Sonnet may just be Mode’s most beloved keyboard. First launching in mid-2022, it has made the rounds on r/mechanicalkeyboards and has had its praises sung far and wide by prominent keyboard influencers. After trying it for myself, it’s no wonder why. Not only does it look great fully built on a desk, the level of refinement in everything from its construction to its typing experience is nothing short of class-leading for a (mostly) readily available custom keyboard. 

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