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ONE Gemini Dual-Chemistry Battery Tested In A BMW iX; Achieves 978.6 Km Range On A Single Charge

Michigan-based energy storage company Our Next Energy Inc. (ONE) has announced that its Gemini dual-chemistry battery has achieved a range of 978.6 km in a BMW iX. This test was conducted under the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), a European standard for quantifying the range capabilities of fully electric vehicles.

The Gemini battery utilises a unique dual-chemistry design that combines two distinct cell types to maximise efficiency and range. For daily commuting, the battery employs Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cells capable of covering 241 km. For longer journeys, high energy density anode-free cells kick in to add an additional 724 km, all managed by ONE’s DC-to-DC converter. This integration allows the battery to deliver the long-range while fitting within the 300-400 litres of space reserved for energy storage in electric vehicles.

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The company said they are now entering a phase aimed at fine-tuning the system for their commercial release. It will concentrate on enhancing the DC-to-DC converter’s efficiency, honing control algorithms for optimal use of range extender cells, and engaging in comprehensive battery validation and cell development processes.

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Mujeeb Ijaz, CEO & founder of ONE said, “Electric vehicles will achieve mass adoption when they offer enough range that people will feel comfortable having an EV as their only vehicle. The Gemini battery has proven it can double the range of EVs and break down the biggest barrier to electrification.”

“The 600+ miles achieved by the BMW iX equipped with Gemini is an impressive demonstration,” said Jürgen Hildinger, BMW Group New Technologies Head of High Voltage Storage. “We enjoy working with the team at ONE and look forward to taking the next steps together.”


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