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Watch Tesla Cybertruck Vs GMC Hummer EV Drag Race

After a prolonged four-year wait, the Tesla Cybertruck has finally debuted globally in its ultimate production form in the USA. The inaugural batch of the first 10 units was handed over to their eagerly awaiting owners last Thursday, on November 30th, 2023. At the delivery event, Tesla unveiled crucial specifications and notable features of the electric pickup truck. Select global media had the opportunity to test-drive the Cybertruck, and some engaged in captivating drag races to showcase its performance. In a recent acceleration contest, the Tesla Cybertruck faced off against the GMC Hummer EV at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

The acceleration test was conducted with the top-tier variants of both models, each equipped with three electric motors. The Tesla Cybertruck and GMC Hummer EV, weighing 6,843 pounds (3,104 kg) and 9,061 pounds (4,110 kg) respectively, stand out as two of the heaviest vehicles in the electric truck segment.

Cybertruck Vs Hummer Drag Race – Video

In the domain of internal combustion engines (ICE), these heavyweight trucks struggle to achieve rapid acceleration. However, the electric motors in these vehicles, known for their instantaneous torque delivery, showcase supercar-like agility off the starting line. The Cybertruck impressively boasts 686 lb-ft (930 Nm) of torque and the Hummer takes it a step further with a staggering 1,095 lb-ft (1,485 Nm). Despite the Tesla lagging slightly in horsepower (845 bhp compared to the Hummer’s 1,014 bhp), its significantly lower curb weight compensates for the disparity. Read: Tesla To Import EVs in India in 2024

During a series of drag races, the Tesla Cybertruck consistently outpaces the Hummer. This trend persists even in subsequent rolling races, where the GMC, burdened with the additional weight of five occupants, struggles to keep up. Notably, the initial firmware for the Cybertruck was configured for the dual-motor variant, limiting its top speed to 112 mph (180 kmph). However, a subsequent update unlocked the full 130 mph (209 kmph) potential of the tri-motor model.

In an unexpected twist, the GMC manages to secure victory in a specific faceoff. Despite its substantial weight disadvantage, it emerges triumphant in the brake test, swiftly decelerating from 70 mph (113 kmph) to a complete stop. This outcome raises eyebrows, prompting speculation about the condition of the Cybertruck’s brakes in its prototype state, possibly explaining the surprising result.

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Watch Tesla Cybertruck Vs GMC Hummer EV Drag Race

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