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Will Shivraj Chouhan Return As CM Or Will Kamal Nath Have The Last Laugh

Madhya Pradesh Election Results 2023 LIVE: BJP Soars Ahead, Crosses 150

Election Results: The Madhya Pradesh election result is being declared today.

New Delhi / Bhopal:

Madhya Pradesh Election Results: The Madhya Pradesh election result is being declared today. The counting of votes began at 8 am IST. The Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections were held on November 17, 2023 to elect all 230 members of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly. Voting was carried out in a single phase.

Madhya Pradesh has been a BJP stronghold for the last twenty years, barring the 15-month tenure of the Kamal Nath-led government when Congress came to power in 2018. Interestingly, though, BJP’s Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who has been a four-time Chief Minister, has not been officially declared as the candidate for the top post in 2023.

Will the Bharatiya Janata Party or BJP return for another 5 years? Or Will the Congress finally manage to make a full-term comeback after over two decades of sitting in the Opposition?

Here are the LIVE Updates of the Madhya Pradesh Election Result 2023:

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Madhya Pradesh Election Results: “Welfare Schemes Touched Voters’ Hearts,” Says Shivraj Chouhan


Madhya Pradesh Election Result 2023 – What Shivraj Chouhan Had To Say About PM Narendra Modi

Shivraj Singh Chouhan says, “Modi ji MP ke mann mein hain aur Modi ji ke mann mein MP hai. He held public rallies here and appealed to the people and that touched people’s hearts. These trends are a result of that. Double-engine government properly implemented the schemes of the Central Government and the schemes that were formed here also touched people’s hearts. Madhya Pradesh became a family…I had said earlier too that the BJP would get a comfortable and grand majority as people’s love for us was visible everywhere.”

Madhya Pradesh Election Result 2023 – BJP Soars Ahead, Crosses 150-Mark

BJP has taken a huge lead in Madhya Pradesh, crossing the 150-mark in the 230 seat Assembly. This is a massive lead, suggesting that the BJP has not faced any anti-incumbency in a state which it has ruled for over 20 years.

Madhya Pradesh Election Result 2023 LIVE – BJP Crosses Halfway Mark In MP – Their Party Chief Reacts

As BJP crosses the halfway mark and leads on 133 seats in the state as per official Election Commission trends, Madhya Pradesh BJP president VD Sharma says, “We had said ‘Madhya Pradesh ke mann mein Modi aur Modi ke mann mein Madhya Pradesh’ – people blessed this drive…I am proud that with the work of booth-level workers of the BJP, we are fulfilling the resolution of 51% voting in every booth. I am proud of BJP workers, people have blessed PM Modi…”

Madhya Pradesh Election Result 2023 – What J Scindia Said As BJP Takes Comfortable Lead

BJP’s Jyotiraditya Scindia says, “We knew that as far as Madhya Pradesh is concerned, given the public welfare schemes of our double engine government – people’s blessings will be with us… I am confident that their blessings will be with the BJP and we will form the government with absolute majority.”

On Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, he says, “He welcomes every prayer and wishes to Digvijaya Singh from the depths of his heart.”

Madhya Pradesh Election Result 2023 – Kamal Nath Trails, Shivraj Chouhan Leads

Congress’s Kamal Nath, who is the face of the party in Madhya Pradesh is trailing in Madhya Pradesh. Earlier in the day Congress as a preemptive move had already put up posters congratulating Kamal Nath and even said he will be the CM candidate for Congress. Though these are early trends, it is still a big concern for the Congress that its main candidate is trailing.

BJP’s Shivraj Singh Chouhan, on the other hand, is leading. He is looking to be Chief Minister for a fifth time.

Madhya Pradesh Poll Result 2023 – MP BJP Chief VD Sharma On Lead In Early Vote Count

We will form the government with a historical mandate. Amit Shah said BJP will win 150 seats, but we will go beyond that. People’s blessings are with us, we worked for the poor and women.

Madhya Pradesh Poll Result 2023 LIVE – Latest Figures Show BJP Crossing Half-Way Mark In Early Leads

BJP has crossed the half-way mark and now has a lead in 123 seats (up 18 from 2018) and Congress in 95 (down 13 from 2018).

Madhya Pradesh Election Result 2023 LIVE – Latest Postal Ballot Count Shows BJP Confortably Ahead

The counting of votes for postal ballots are on. EVM or voting machine votes have only just begun. In postal ballots, the BJP seems to have taken a comfortable lead in Madhya Pradesh. BJP is ahead in 110 out of 199 seats (down 13 from 2018), while Congress is at 89 of 199.

It is important to note that postal ballots account for less than 1 per cent of all votes. The overall trends with EVM vote count will reflect trends and leads in another hour or so.

Madhya Pradesh Poll Result 2023 – Kamal Nath Reacts To Congress Leading In Early Vote Count

Madhya Pradesh Congress president Kamal Nath says, “I have not seen the trends, I trust the voters of Madhya Pradesh that they will keep their own future secure…Don’t count the number of seats. We will comfortably…”

Madhya Pradesh Poll Result 2023 – Latest Leads Show Congress Ahead

Though it is still just postal ballots being counted (till 9 am IST) – The Congress and BJP are already in a very close contest – The leads however after nearly an hour of counting shows the Congress ahead – though with a very slender margin. The counting of votes for EVMs shall begin at 9 am, and will be a better indicator as there are far more people who vote on EVMs as compared to postal ballots.

Madhya Pradesh Poll Result 2023 – Leads Show Shivraj Singh Chouhan Ahead After Counting Begins

Veteran BJP leader and four-time chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is leading as counting of votes are underway. His competitor from the COngress – Vikram Mastal is trailing.

Madhya Pradesh Poll Result 2023 – BJP Leaders Confident Of A Comfortable Win

Madhya Pradesh minister and BJP leader Narottam Mishra says “We will win 125-150 seats in the state. BJP will form govt in the state. It is a matter of a few hours now.”

Madhya Pradesh Election Result 2023 – Congress’s Poster Controversy

The Congress has already put up posters, not just claiming it will win the state Assembly polls, but seems to have scored an own-goal. The posters prominently feature Kamal Nath and does not show Congress veteran Digvijaya Singh at all. The posters seem to suggest who will be the Congress’s chief ministerial candidate, if they manage to win.

Digvijaya Singh, seemingly displeased, evaded the question when asked by reporters. He said, “Punch those who put up posters.” (Ask those who put up the posters). Kamal Nath and Digvijaya Singh are both veteran Congress leaders from Madhya Pradesh – Both have been chief minister in the past.

Madhya Pradesh Poll Result 2023 – Will Shivraj Singh Chouhan Return As CM?

In Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan has his eyes set on a fifth stint At top post. The BJP, however, has not declared who its chief ministerial candidate is this time. So, will Shivraj Chouhan return as CM?  Many think the jovial, low-profile Chief Minister, who has cultivated the image of maama – a soft-spoken, approachable maternal uncle – has upset the party’s central leadership. As evidence, they cite that the Chief Minister was not even asked to lead the BJP’s Jan Ashirwad Yatra – a programme he led in the previous three elections. Five leaders were put in charge of five yatras being held in the state. Replacing Shivraj Chouhan could be a tricky job for the BJP. As the party’s tallest OBC (Other Backward Classes) leaders in Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh Poll Result 2023 – The Kamal Nath Factor

Kamal Nath is the man who won Madhya Pradesh for the Congress in 2018. Kamal Nath is a nine-time Lok Sabha MP and has held six berths in the union cabinet, as well as serving as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and the Leader of the Opposition in the state Assembly. Kamal Nath, now 76, is a man-on-a-mission.

Madhya Pradesh Poll Result 2023 – Highest-Ever Voter Turnout

Madhya Pradesh saw its highest-ever turnout of over 77 per cent during the voting for the Assembly polls on November 17. The Congress is hoping anti-incumbency will sweep it back to power, but four-time Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has claimed the BJP’s performance is enough to get his party re-elected.

Madhya Pradesh Election Result 2023 – So, Who Seems To Have The Advantage On Vote Counting Day

On paper, the advantage is with the BJP – Madhya Pradesh has voted for the party in three of the last four elections and four of nine exit polls have it returning to power, each by large margins. Three of those four give it more than 139 of the Assembly’s 230 seats.

Battleground Madhya Pradesh – What Happened In 2020 And Why Congress Is Hungry For ‘Revenge’

For the Congress and Kamal Nath, a former Chief Minister, the 2023 Madhya Pradesh election is a chance at redemption after the events of March 2020, when several MLAs along with Jyotiraditya Scindia left an in-party after a tussle with Kamal Nath. This led to the fall of the Congress government in the state. Jyotiraditya Scindia then joined the BJP following which the BJP returned to power in the state. Kamal Nath has squarely blamed Mr Scindia, accusing him of a “sauda” (deal) with the BJP in 2020.

Madhya Pradesh Election Result LIVE: Will BJP Retain The State Again, Or Will Congress Take ‘Revenge’

In the battle for Madhya Pradesh, the Congress is out for ‘revenge’ for the way power was taken away from them soon after their win in 2018. The BJP however, would like to capitalise on the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan as it plots its fifth win in the state.

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