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Blockbuster Prime Video Panchayat Series Now Streaming Free!


Who in the country has not heard of ‘Panchayat,’? It is one of the most popular series on Prime Video, starring our favorite Jeetendra, aka Jitu Bhaiya, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, and Chandan Roy. The series came as a surprise, only to become one of the best series in India. While the OTT platform was filled with crime-based shows, this series presented us with a heartfelt and fun ride from India’s countryside. The recent news is that Prime has made its first two seasons free on the platform.

‘Panchayat’ is based in the fictional village of Fulera in North India, where Abhishek Tripathi is appointed as the ‘Sachiv’ of the village. Although he is not happy with the position, he accepts the job for the experience. Coming from the city, Abhishek has to face a lot of problems in the village and adjust to the people around him.

The first season was a surprise hit that was loved by everyone. Then came the second season in the year 2022. While most series had an average second season, ‘Panchayat’ elevated its storytelling and was a bigger success than the first season. People are eagerly waiting for its third season, which is yet to be released. If you haven’t seen this beautiful web series, do watch it on Prime Video for free.

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