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First And Maybe The Real Test Of Revanth Reddy!

Real Test Of Revanth Reddy

Finally, it is official that Revanth Reddy will be the second Chief Minister of Telangana. After two days of suspense, the Congress high command has taken the decision and announced it.

We will assume that they have pacified the other aspirants – Bhatti Vikramarka and Uttam Kumar Reddy.

However, the problem is far from being over. Revanth Reddy may be the Junior-most leader in Congress to become the PCC President and now, the Chief Minister.

Bhatti, Uttam, and other seniors may have agreed to the decision for now but it is still a doubt if they will whole-heartedly support him.

They will now bargain for plum portfolios and will try to armtwist Revanth Reddy in all possible ways.

On the other side, BRS and BJP are looking so desperately to pull him down. The ‘IT Minister’ trend on X even before the swearing-in ceremony is an example of what is in store for Revanth Reddy.

We are also seeing the BRS leaders talk about the Government falling in an year or so.

To prove everyone wrong, Revanth needs a perfect team. He is already in Delhi to take a call about his cabinet.

The Seniors should not arm-twist Revanth to get the important portfolios. Unless he gets a team of his own, we can not expect Revanth to show his mark on the state.

The party high command should stand by him once more. If Revanth fails, this will be the last opportunity for Congress in Telangana.

This will be the first and maybe the real test of Revanth Reddy. If he yields to the High Command and the pressure of the Seniors, he will project himself as weak and also a product of ‘ Always wait for Delhi’ culture.

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