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Google’s AI chatbot Bard gets a major upgrade with Gemini Pro

Google announced today the highly anticipated launch of Gemini, their next-generation and most powerful artificial intelligence (AI) model yet. Not only will it be part of their newest Pixel devices as part of the December Feature Drop, but will also be powering Bard.
Gemini is Google’s latest AI project, which was announced back at the I/O 2023 conference, and rumored to have been postponed until January. Fortunately, this didn’t actually happen and Google came through with the announcement today.
Bard now utilizes a specially-tuned version of Gemini Pro for improved English language operations, available initially in more than 170 countries and territories. This will enable Bard to have more advanced reasoning, planning capabilities, and understanding of tasks. It will also be able to quickly understand and act on different types of input, such as text, images, audio, video, and code. This marks the first step in Gemini’s integration with Bard, with further enhancements planned for early next year.
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Early next year, Google will launch Bard Advanced, which will give users access to its most powerful models and capabilities, including Gemini Ultra. This advanced version of Bard will be able to handle even the most challenging tasks, and will be the last of the three flavors that Gemini 1.0 will be available in: Ultra for highly complex tasks, Pro for scaling across a wide range of tasks, and Nano for on-device tasks.

As far as performance, Google states that Gemini Pro outperformed leading AI models in various benchmarks, demonstrating its exceptional capabilities. Bard, empowered by Gemini Pro, received positive feedback, solidifying its position as a top free chatbot. To demonstrate, Google published the below video in collaboration with YouTuber Mark Rober, in which he uses Bard with Gemini Pro to design the most accurate paper plane and showcasing the tool’s potential to elevate the creative process.

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As part of Google’s commitment to developing AI responsibly, the company says that it has built safety features into Bard, such as the “Google it” button, which allows users to verify information. The company is also working with researchers and developers to ensure that AI is not used maliciously.

With the addition of Gemini, Bard is poised to become the premier AI collaborator in the world, competing with current leaders such as ChatGPT. Users can try Bard with Gemini Pro today and experience its powerful capabilities for themselves.

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