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Hero and Ather’s public charging infrastructure

Ather Electric Scooter
Ather Electric Scooter

Public Charging Infrastructure Evolution – Interoperable and Fast

Progressive collaboration between Hero MotoCorp and Ather Energy is set to expand EV public charging infrastructure across 100 cities. And could be a transformative moment for the Indian electric vehicle (EV) industry. This dynamic partnership aims to accommodate EV owners. And addresses concerns related to quick and convenient charging. Possibly almost anywhere.

LECCS Breakthrough: Hero and Ather’s Connector

The collaboration’s centrepiece is the development of Light Electric Combined Charging System (LECCS). A system that has received approval from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This modern grid integrates AC and DC combined charging connectors.

Hero Vida V1 Pro Global Debut
Hero Vida V1 Pro Global Debut

At the heart of this collaboration is the plan to establish 1900 fast-charging points strategically. A widespread network that focuses on delivering a qualitative charging experience. Ather and My VIDA apps, designed with user-centric interfaces, provide EV users with info as needed. These apps play a pivotal role in helping users navigate to charging stations.

The Scale of India’s EV Charging Ecosystem

Accessibility to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) adopting the LECCS standard, contribute to unifying the charging infrastructure. It not only fosters collaboration but also delivers convenience to EV users. LECCS is tenacious in its contribution to the expansion of public charging infrastructure. And looks set to grow as an agile response to the growing demands of the EV market.

Overall exponential growth in charging infrastructure through the efforts of many OEMs and private players is not just a numerical milestone. It represents a progression chart in the evolution of EV infrastructure in India.

Hero and Ather’s 1900-Point EV Power Play

The selection of 100 cities for LECCS expansion is not arbitrary but a deliberate and strategic choice. And targets collaborative commitment to creating a comprehensive and accessible charging network. One that caters to expected growth in EV adoption.

As India takes small steps towards an electric future, the Hero MotoCorp and Ather Energy partnership stands as a beacon of progress. A harmonious and unifying effort towards establishing the largest EV charging ecosystem. The collaboration is not merely a confluence; but one that aims to find a seat at the top.

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