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NTR31 will be completely unique: Prashanth Neel

Prashanth Neel

Prashanth Neel, the director, has stated that he will not continue telling stories set in an ominous black universe indefinitely. This was the setting in both of his “KGF” films. Now, the upcoming “Salaar” appears to be similar.

Though he will not abandon his unique style of filmmaking, he says he will experiment with stories.

“My next NTR film will be very different from KGF and Salaar. It’s not all about action. You will notice a change and a new style,” he told the press.

The title of the film starring NTR has yet to be determined. It is currently known as #NTR31 and is expected to begin shooting in the summer of 2024. It will be produced by Mythri Movie Makers.

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