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YSRCP MP Tickets: Full Cost, No Demand


YCP has started the electioneering as they have started allocating the MLA and MP tickets for aspirants. The situation is different when it comes to the MP tickets as there are not many takers.

As per a report from Eenadu, YCP demanded in the range of Rs 5 crores party donations per MP segment in the last election. They have quadrupled the amount this time, it seems, given that the party won 22/25 seats last time.

However, YCP’s heavy pricing for MP tickets in 2024 election is not being met with nearly half as much demand, it seems. It has gotten to a point where Jagan is having to replace 15/25 MPs this time around with the sitting MPs least interested in the post. The situation has changed with the onset of the TDP-JSP alliance.

Machilipatnam, Rajampet, and Kadapa MP seats will be given to Jagan’s close men so there will be donations here. This baggage is being added on other MPs, it seems.

But with no takers for the MP tickets, YCP is likely to bring down their asking price for the MP tickets, says the report.

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