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Feature on One UI 6.1 will keep the battery on Galaxy handsets stay healthy

Right now Samsung is still in the process of pushing out One UI 6.0/Android 14 to eligible Galaxy handsets. But we already have an idea about what will be one of the features on One UI 6.1 if tipster Tarun Vats is correct. His tweet (via 9to5Google) says that One UI 6.1 will have a “Protect Battery” toggle that is designed to protect the health of the battery on your Galaxy phone.
There are three settings under “Protect Battery” with the first called “Basic.” This stops charging as soon as the battery hits 100% and resumes charging at 95%. So under this setting, if your Galaxy handset is taken off the charger fully charged and you use it for a few moments before plugging it back into the outlet, it won’t start charging until the remaining battery life drops to 95%.
The second setting called Adaptive will charge the phone to 80% while you’re sleeping. Based on the time that you usually take the phone off the charger, it will finish charging at 100% just before you wake up. This is similar to the adaptive charging mode already offered on Android phones. Lastly, the setting called “Max” simply stops charging at 80%. This should leave your battery in a more healthy state allowing it to enjoy a longer life.

As is typical for Samsung, One UI 6.1 will first be made available as a beta release before the official version of the update is finally released. One UI is Samsung’s Android skin that allows users to customize their Galaxy phones. It also was designed to allow users with small hands to navigate larger-screened phones with one hand by moving clickable elements from the top of the display to the bottom.

Samsung officially released One UI 5.1 this past February which means that the One UI 6.1 beta program should be ready to kick off soon and we’d expect that the Galaxy S23, the Galaxy S23+, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be the first Galaxy handsets eligible to install the One UI 6.1 beta update.

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