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The Best SSD for the Steam Deck in 2023: Fast NVMe Drives for Gaming on the Go

Our picks below will show you the best Steam Deck SSDs for gaming in 2023. Of course, when shopping for the best Steam Deck SSD for gaming, you’ll want to balance performance and features with your budget. We have compiled a list of the best options below based on several factors, but be sure to visit our in-depth reviews with plenty of analysis and benchmarking for more details on each SSD. 

The Steam Deck was the first portable gaming PC on the market to be widely successful. The waitlist was massive, but eventually users got their hands on the holy grail. One big limitation, however, was the size of the internal storage, with a good number of units being sold with only 64GB of capacity. It’s not difficult to add additional storage by way of a microSD card and/or external storage, but upgrading the internal SSD is a surer way of having reliable, fast storage. The SSDs below will also make a good choice for use with other gaming handhelds, like the ASUS ROG Ally.

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