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Ultimate SamMobile Gift Guide under $500

The end of the year draws near, and the holiday shopping season is in full swing. We’re on a quest to bring fresh gift ideas to our readers, and with that in mind, we have gathered ten products priced under $500 and made a list. You can find it below, and if you scroll all the way to the end, we’re also listing one Samsung product that exceeds the $500 ceiling but might be worth the extra cash.

Without further ado, here’s our 2023 holiday gift guide, starting with the best Samsung wearable of the year.

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic carries on the tradition of the physical rotating bezel and combines new technologies and display upgrades with a timeless design formula.

Samsung’s latest Classic smartwatch can last up to 40 hours on a single charge and offers all the sleep, health, and fitness tracking features your loved one might want.

Galaxy A54

The Galaxy A54 is the best mid-range phone in Samsung’s portfolio for 2023. Even though it lacks flagship-grade performance, it still punches above its weight class in several categories.

The Galaxy A54 has a bright screen with Vision Booster technology, a fine finish with a glass back panel, a camera suite that’s more than decent (and boasts Nightography), and Wi-Fi 6. All wrapped in a colorful package.

Buy 43-inch QLED 4K Q60C TV

Who says you can’t buy a Samsung QLED TV for less than $500? Now you can, thanks to a holiday discount available at Samsung’s online shop.

The QLED 4K Q60C offers great quality with 100% color volume and sports Dual LED backlights, along with Quantum HDR capabilities. And, in select markets, it offers free access to the Samsung TV Plus platform and boasts the Gaming Hub cloud gaming solution.

27-inch Smart Monitor M8

Here’s another fantastic display item on our list, now available at a hefty discount: the 27-inch M80C Smart Monitor M8.

This is not only a 4K monitor but a sort of all-in-one solution. It has smart TV capabilities, it ships with a remote, and like Samsung’s smart TVs, it offers access to services like TV Plus and Gaming Hub.

Samsung Sound Tower Party Audio ST40B

One of the best gift guides you can show up to a party with is a portable speaker that can rock the house. And the Sound Tower Party ST40B can do just that.

The ST40B Sound Tower from Samsung offers 160 watts of power and up to 12 hours of music playback on its internal battery. It’s IPX5 water-resistant and, to top it all off, it has party lights. And it can connect to two smart devices simultaneously.

Philips Hue Living Room Kit

Speaking of party lights, the Philips Hue Living Room Kit has everything a person needs to light up their homes, the smart way, using SmartThings.

This Philips Hue bundle includes 3 Philips Hue White and Color medium 60W LED smart bulbs, a Philips Hue hub that can control up to 50 Hue lights, and one smart button with mounting plates. These smart lights can also be controlled through a smartphone or using voice commands.

Philips Hue Indoor/Outdoor Christmas String Lights

If you want a more colorful and holiday-themed lighting solution from Philips — one that works with your Galaxy phone — you can’t go wrong with the Philips Hue Christmas Lights.

This 130-feet lighting system has 500 mini color-changing smart LEDs with millions of colors. They’re waterproof and offer features like music sync and voice control.

Samsung Bespoke Cube Air Purifier

Samsung’s Bespoke Cube Air Purifier usually costs $700, but we found a fantastic deal that lets you save a whopping 40% and fit it into your $500 budget.

The Bespoke Cube Air Purifier offers 360-degree wind-free purification and has an enhanced multi-layered HEPA filtration system. It can be controlled with the SmartThings app and even has a Pet Mode that reduces pet hair and odors from the air in your home.

New Xbox Series S 1TB

If you’re looking for a budget gaming console that can play the latest AAA games, the Xbox Series S is your best choice. And now, it’s available with 1TB of storage, just like its more expensive Series X sibling.

Another great thing about the Xbox Series S is that gamers can use the same Xbox Game Pass subscription for both the console and their Samsung smart TV with Gaming Hub. They can set up the Xbox console in the living room and enjoy cloud gaming on their Samsung TVs in the bedroom without paying extra. The Xbox controller is also the best fit for Gaming Hub.

Nintendo Switch OLED Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle

If you’re in the market for a Nintendo gaming console, the new OLED Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle was made specifically for the holiday shopping season.

This bundle includes the OLED Switch console, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighting game, and three months of Nintendo Switch Online membership. In addition, the console has a unique Smash Bros color scheme, which fans are bound to love.

Extreme Samsung Gift

We saved one of the best Samsung picks for last. As promised, each of the ten holiday gift ideas above costs less than $500, but here’s one Samsung device that exceeds that ceiling and might still be worth it if you can afford the extra cash.

The Freestyle 2nd Gen portable projector makes for a fantastic holiday gift. It’s almost like a smart TV or gaming monitor (with built-in 360 audio) that you can carry around in your bag. It’s the best thing for watch parties at home or while camping. And it has Gaming Hub for cloud gaming!

This portable Samsung projector costs $799, but right now, you can save a whopping $200 through a limited-time deal.

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