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How to improve your aim and accuracy in BGMI in December 2023

In recent years, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has evolved into one of the most thrilling and competitive mobile shooting games. Its difficult mechanics and intense gameplay demand precision, accuracy, and lightning-fast reactions. Whether you’re an experienced veteran or just starting in 2023, increasing your aim and accuracy is critical for gaining a competitive advantage and winning encounters.

This article will provide some pointers and tactics for improving your BGMI aim and accuracy.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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How to enhance your BGMI aim and accuracy in December 2023

1) Sensitivity settings

It is critical to fine-tune your sensitivity settings for precision aiming in BGMI. Begin by determining a level of sensitivity that is comfortable for you. High sensitivity enables fast spins and 180-degree flick shots, but it may make precision shots difficult to control. Low sensitivity, on the other hand, provides more control for accurate targeting but may impair your ability to respond swiftly to fast-paced circumstances.

Experiment with various sensitivity levels for both the camera and the scope. It’s typical to have a higher sensitivity for the camera to swiftly scan your surroundings and a lower sensitivity for aiming down sights (ADS) or scoping in for accurate shots.

Fine-tune your sensitivity settings regularly based on your growing playstyle and preferences. Avoiding frequent alterations that can damage muscle memory is essential.

2) Crosshair placement

Keep your crosshairs at eye level at all times in BGMI. When shooting at an opponent’s head, this reduces the distance your crosshair must travel, enhancing your chances of landing a rapid and accurate shot.

Anticipate enemy movements and place your crosshair where you anticipate to spot them. This proactive strategy eliminates the need for quick modifications and improves reaction time.

Practice crosshair placement in a variety of situations, including movement, peeping around corners, and close-quarters battle. Developing muscle memory for consistent crosshair placement can improve your overall accuracy dramatically.

3) Target tracking and recoil control in BGMI

Practice target-tracking drills regularly to improve your ability to track moving opponents. In training grounds, use both stationary and moving targets to replicate real-world in-game conditions.

Recoil patterns of your selected weapons should be studied. Control recoil by firing in short bursts while dragging your crosshair in the opposite direction of the recoil. Recoil control is pivotal for landing consecutive bullets on the target, especially during long firefights.

Attachments such as compensators and vertical grips can help reduce recoil. These attachments might help you operate the weapon more easily, allowing you to maintain accuracy even during sustained fire.

In conclusion, improving your aim and accuracy in BGMI necessitates a mix of sensitivity changes, precise crosshair positioning, and excellent target tracking and recoil management. Remember that every player has different tastes, so feel free to adjust these recommendations to suit your preferred style of play.

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