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Gogoro Crossover Unveiled With Three Variants

Gogoro Crossover electric scooter launched
Gogoro Crossover electric scooter launched

After River Indie, Gogoro Crossover electric scooter aims for a rugged and purposeful design along with a colourful flair

Gogoro is a Taiwanese electric mobility solutions provider known for its swappable battery tech. The company has made quite a dent in electric mobility share in its home country and other markets. For the first time, Gogoro is making its presence known in Indian market physically by launching Gogoro Crossover electric scooter for B2B customers first. Crossover is the company’s latest addition to its global lineup.

Gogoro Crossover

India is emerging as an important market for 2-wheel vehicles. Even though a majority of this 2W industry is still riding on the wave of IC engine-based vehicles, there is a growth potential in electric realm. This is where Gogoro intends to make a mark. A place where companies like Ola, Ather, TVS, Bajaj, Ampere, Okinawa, Hero Electric and others are currently operating.

There are three variants of Gogoro – Crossover GX250, Crossover 50 and Crossover S. Crossover GX250 has a 2.5 kW motor (3.35 bhp) with 60+ km/h top speed and 111km certified range. Crossover 50 has a 5.0 kW motor (6.70 bhp) and Crossover S gets either 6.4 kW (6.58 bhp) or 7.2 kW (9.65 bhp) options. Gogoro networks are currently live in Delhi and Goa with plans to extend to Mumbai and Pune by Q1 2024.

Early batch will be exclusive to B2B customers while passenger versions will be available in Q2 2024. Unveiled globally in October 2023, Gogoro Crossover electric scooter is a crossover as its name suggests. It can be both an urban commuter or a rugged and proper workhorse. This is a unique approach where Gogoro can target both PV and CV segments alike with the same actual product.

Gogoro Crossover profile
Gogoro Crossover profile

Crossover utilises a steel tubular frame. The 1,400 mm wheelbase is the longest that Gogoro has ever produced. Other numbers include 176 mm ground clearance and 126 kg weight including its batteries (global spec). Where design is concerned, there is a protruding headlight from front apron. This seems to be an integral part of its frame as it can accommodate an optional rack to carry luggage.

Dual swappable batteries

Similar provision is seen at the rear where an optional rack can accommodate quite a bit of luggage or cargo. If there is a need for more space, rear seat can be folded up to form rider’s backrest, freeing up a flat area to accommodate more cargo. If that’s enough, there is a large and flat floorboard at owner’s disposal.

Panniers, top boxes and other accessories should broaden the horizon for Gogoro Crossover electric scooter’s practicality and capability. Componentry includes RSU telescopic front forks, rear shock absorbers, 12-inch wheels at both ends, 220 mm front and 180 mm rear disc brakes, a mid-mounted motor and more (specs are for global model).

Gogoro Crossover rugged capabilities
Gogoro Crossover rugged capabilities

Gogoro Crossover gets two removable batteriesweighing 10 kg each. Swappable batteries ensure negligible downtime and optimum time management. Despite the twin swappable batteries, there is decent under-seat storage too. Features include a fully digital instrument cluster, LED lighting all around, Bluetooth with smartphone connectivity options and more.

As of now, Gogoro has committed to USD 1.5 Bilion (Rs. 12,300 Crore) in investments in Maharashtra state. The company’s first manufacturing facility has been set up in Aurangabad. Gogoro has teamed up with HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited) to host its battery-swapping stations. Prices for Gogoro Crossover GX250 intended for B2B customers have not been made public and will depend on specific requirements.

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