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Samsung Display shuffles its foldable unit as it prepares to supply foldable Apple devices

The changes being made to Sammy’s Display unit are being made to the team that handles the supplies that Samsung ships to Apple. The goal is to improve the capabilities of Sammy’s display unit, especially when it comes to shipping Apple possible foldable panels. The change to the division is based on the premise that foldable devices are becoming more mainstream, a goal that Samsung’s Dr. TM Roh, who is president and head of Sammy’s Mobile Experience Business, said was going to take place last year.

The company will be reducing the importance of the unit’s Strategic Marketing Office as the business segment attempts to improve operating efficiency and increase collaboration between sales, marketing, and product planning. And all of this will revolve around creating foldable panels for Apple.

As we said earlier in this article, to become mainstream the foldable smartphone market is going to need a device from Cupertino. While Apple might not be the most innovative company in the smartphone business, it remains the most influential. When Apple dropped the 3.5mm earphone jack from the iPhone, and removed the charging brick from the iPhone box, these moves were quickly copied by other manufacturers.

One patent application previously filed by Apple matches a current rumor about how the foldable MacBook Pro might handle text input. When content on the display calls for text input, the bottom half of the display would show a virtual QWERTY keyboard. This way Apple would not have to worry about designing a physical keyboard for its foldable computer.

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