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Parliament Security Breach LIVE Updates

Catch all LIVE Updates of the Parliament security breach here.

Parliament Security Breach LIVE Updates | 'Amit Shah Must Give Details': Ruckus in Houses; Congress, Oppn Target BJPParliament Security Breach LIVE Updates | 'Amit Shah Must Give Details': Ruckus in Houses; Congress, Oppn Target BJP


Parliament, Lok Sabha Security Breach LIVE Updates: A massive security breach took place in the Parliament on Wednesday, 13 December, as intruders jumped into the Lok Sabha from the visitors’ gallery while proceedings were underway for the Winter Session.

There were two protesters also present and sloganeering outside the House. The accused set off coloured smoke canisters both inside and outside the Parliament. All accused have been arrested.

In the visuals on Sansad TV, a man wearing a blue jacket can be seen jumping over benches in the House. Rajendra Agrawal, who was in the chair, immediately adjourned the session.

Visuals from outside the House:

Several MPs told the media that the two men inside the House were sloganeering “Dictatorship will not continue (Dictatorship will not prevail).”

What We Know About the Accused So Far:


  • The Delhi Police has identified the two protesters who were arrested from outside the Parliament as Neelam (42) from Hisaar and Amol Shinde (25) from Latur, Maharashtra.

  • Neelam told the media that “they are not associated with any organisation and took the step since the government is committing atrocities against citizens.”

  • The intruders from inside the House have been identified as Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan, reports say.

  • Reports say that all accused had carried the smoke canisters in their shoes.

  • The breach comes on the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attack.

Pictures of the breach from inside the Lok Sabha:

‘They Were Sponsored by BJP MP’: Shashi Tharoor

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor told ANI: “The fact that these people were apparently sponsored by a sitting MP of the ruling party… these people smuggled in smoke pistols which show there is a serious security lapse. Not only they fired the pistols but also shouted some slogans inaudible to some of us. The new building does not seem to be configured very well when it comes to security by comparison with the arrangements in the old building.”

“I do believe that the matter is serious enough that Home Minister may want to explain to the nation about the security lapses and security arrangements,” he said.

Forensics Team Arrived in Parliament

Forensics team arrived at Parliament following the security breach to collect samples from the premises.

‘Most MPs Still in Shock’: Gaurav Gogoi

“Most MPs are still in shock and discussing how two persons entered the Parliament with a cigarette lighter and gas canister. Many security personnel and police commandos were totally unaware even after MPs had apprehended and detained the two suspects for an extended period,” Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi posted on X.

Kharge, Piyush Goyal Spar in Rajya Sabha

Mallikarjun Kharge, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, and Piyush Goyal, Leader of the House, had a heated exchange in the Rajya Sabha over the security breach.

“We request you, kindly adjourn. Let the Home Minister come and give more details,” Kharge said.

“I think the opposition’s attitude should be to give a message to the country that we all are standing together for the country’s integrity and sovereignty. In the Lok Sabha, instead of taking the situation seriously, they adjourned the house. I believe that the Rajya Sabha is the House of elders, we should send a message that this country’s competence and power is above all this. The House should definitely run. All the members are in favour of the House running. And I think that the Congress politicising the issue is not a good message for the country. I urge the leader of the opposition to wait for the enquiry, and let the House continue,” he said.

Published: 13 Dec 2023, 1:11 PM IST

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