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Telugu films’ Netflix Watch Hours

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The streaming giant Netflix has released an extensive list comprising 18,000 titles, which represent 99% of all viewing on Netflix, totaling nearly 100 billion hours viewed.

Our M9 team has handpicked the Telugu titles and presents their watch hours.

It’s commendable to see that after revealing monthly watch hours and Top 10s, Netflix has taken another step to maintain transparency.

In the first half-year views report, Nani’s ‘Dasara’ recorded the highest number of hours. See the full list below.

Netflix Official Views – January to June 2023: Telugu Films:

Dasara: 13,200,000 views

Waltair Veerayya: 10,200,000 views

Virupaksha: 8,700,000 views

Dhamaka: 7,000,000 views

18 Pages: 4,200,000 views

Friends: 4,000,000 views

Meter: 2,800,000 views

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