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US Premieres: Big Price Gap

Dunki vs Salar

US Premieres: Big Price Gap – Dunki vs. Salaar

There has been a prolonged request, or rather frustration, from the Telugu audience in the U.S. regarding high ticket prices. This has led to the sharing of WhatsApp messages suggesting a boycott of films like Baahubali 2 in theaters due to these unreasonable ticket costs.

However, distributors find themselves in a difficult position as they are investing huge amounts to acquire movies featuring big stars.

In December, two major upcoming releases, Dunki and Salaar, are facing contrasting ticket prices in the U.S.

Despite having a star like SRK, who delivered back-to-back 1000 crore films, and being directed by Rajkumar Hirani, Dunki maintains a standard pricing similar to any other Hindi film at $13.

But, Salaar’s ticket prices are significantly higher, with the XD version priced at $28 and the regular standard version premiering at $25.

Watching Salaar in XD format could cost a family about $150, an exorbitant price that disappoints family viewing. This is why the Telugu U.S. market, especially on premiere days, is limited to cater more to fans and hardcore movie fans.

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