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Top 10 Two Wheelers Nov 2023

Bajaj Pulsar NS
Bajaj Pulsar NS

Top 10 Two-Wheelers Showcase Remarkable Sales Performance in India for November 2023

The two-wheeler industry in India continues its upward trajectory, with November 2023 witnessing impressive sales figures across various models. The top 10 two-wheelers have displayed robust performance, showcasing the evolving preferences of Indian consumers.

Hero Splendor Retains the Top Spot Despite Minor Dip

Hero Splendor retained its position as the best-selling two-wheeler in the country. Despite a slight decrease in sales compared to November 2022, the Hero Splendor secured a significant market share of 22.39%, selling 2,50,786 units. Honda Activa surged ahead with a substantial 11.98% growth, selling 1,96,055 units and solidifying its place as the second most preferred two-wheeler in India. Following closely, the Honda Shine witnessed remarkable growth of 35.64%, showcasing a preference for its features and performance.

Top 10 Two Wheelers Nov 2023 vs Nov 2022 - YoY sales performance
Top 10 Two Wheelers Nov 2023 vs Nov 2022 – YoY sales performance

Bajaj Auto made significant strides in the market, with its Pulsar and Platina models demonstrating extraordinary growth. The Bajaj Pulsar recorded an astonishing 79.29% increase in sales, securing the fourth spot, while the Bajaj Platina showcased a remarkable surge of 79.83% compared to the same period last year, positioning itself as a strong contender in the market.

Hero HF Deluxe and TVS Jupiter Witness Substantial Growth

Hero HF Deluxe and TVS Jupiter witnessed substantial growth rates of 78.91% and 53.64%, respectively, highlighting the growing demand for these models among consumers. This surge in sales solidifies their positions among the top-selling two-wheelers in the country. Suzuki Access, TVS XL, and TVS Apache also displayed commendable performances, each contributing significantly to the overall sales growth in the segment. Suzuki Access saw a 9.14% increase in sales, while TVS XL and TVS Apache showcased growth rates of 26.16% and 51.26%, respectively.

Top 10 Two Wheelers Nov 2023 vs Oct 2023 - MoM sales performance
Top 10 Two Wheelers Nov 2023 vs Oct 2023 – MoM sales performance

Month on Month Performance

Hero Splendor, witnessed a considerable decline in sales, amounting to a decrease of 19.37%, with November sales at 2,50,786 compared to October’s 3,11,031. Similarly, the Honda Activa, securing the second spot, faced a decline of 10.42%, selling 1,96,055 units in November compared to 2,18,856 in October.

Following the trend, Honda Shine experienced a decline of 4.67%, selling 1,55,943 units in November compared to 1,63,587 in October. Meanwhile, Bajaj Pulsar faced a more significant decrease of 19.29%, with November sales at 1,30,403 compared to 1,61,572 in October. This shift in their sales figures indicates a temporary alteration in consumer preferences or market conditions. While the Hero HF Deluxe encountered a marginal decrease of 1.10%, its overall sales remained relatively stable, selling 1,16,421 units in November compared to 1,17,719 in October.

TVS Jupiter, Bajaj Platina, and TVS XL Reflect Similar Declines

TVS Jupiter, Bajaj Platina, and TVS XL experienced declines of 20.65%, 18.69%, and 18.21%, respectively. TVS Jupiter sold 72,859 units in November, down from 91,824 in October. Bajaj Platina recorded sales of 60,607 units in November, compared to 74,539 in October. TVS XL sold 43,482 units in November, down from 53,162 in October. These figures signify a collective downturn in sales for these models during November 2023.

Suzuki Access and TVS Apache Display Marginal Changes

Suzuki Access faced a 7.73% decline in sales, with November figures at 52,512 units compared to 56,909 in October, reflecting a moderate shift in its market performance. Conversely, the TVS Apache witnessed a marginal increase of 0.09%, selling 41,025 units in November compared to 40,988 in October, maintaining relative stability compared to the rest of the top 10 two-wheelers.

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