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Intel talks Meteor Lake AI and efficiency: Head of performance marketing lab is ‘most excited’ about battery life improvements

Intel’s Core Ultra chips (formerly Meteor Lake) launched on December 14th, and are already appearing in laptops you can buy. At Intel’s official launch here in New York City, I sat down with Dan Rogers, the head of Intel’s performance marketing lab in its Client Computing Group.

Rogers, the former product manager for Alder Lake and Raptor Lake, has a unique job as Intel pushes out its first chips based around AI: figuring out how to tell the story of what these can do, and also measuring their performance for Intel’s marketing to the general public (Intel is in the PC business, after all).

Because right now, while Intel (and, let’s be frank – AMD, Qualcomm, and Apple) have systems with neural processing units, or NPUs, lots of potential customers don’t quite know what they could do with them, or why it would matter. I asked him about how people are supposed to know what an AI PC can do, when they can expect software that will affect their lives, and also learned more about how Intel is benchmarking AI applications internally.

Selling the AI PC

Intel’s debut mobile processor with an on-board NPU is coming as the company is making a major brand name change. Intel Core i is old hat. Intel Core Ultra is your AI-equipped chip. Rogers suggested to me that the name change is part of the “multiple levels of education” that Intel will go through to inform customers about what they’re getting.

“All of our processors code named ‘Meteor Lake’ will be Core Ultra and all Core Ultra processors will be Meteor Lake,” Rogers said. “So, it’s a fairly simple method of communicating to the end user, right, especially at the point of sale and retail and so forth that this is a PC that has built-in AI.”

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