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U.S. Citizenship Denials: Biden vs. Trump

People often think Republicans are tough on immigration, while Democrats are welcoming. But the facts during Trump and Biden’s times don’t match this belief.

Under Trump, there were fewer people becoming citizens each year, around 735,000 on average. Biden’s years saw more, about 891,000 a year.

However, in Biden’s time, the rate of rejecting citizenship was higher, about 12.5%, while under Trump, it was around 10.4%.

In 2022, under Biden, over 111,000 people were denied citizenship, the highest since 2009. Maybe more people, including ineligible ones, applied during Biden’s time, leading to more rejections.

In simple terms, Biden approved more citizens but also said ‘no’ to more people. It’s a strange mix-up compared to previous years.

Years and numbers:

  • 2017: 707,265
  • 2018: 761,901
  • 2019: 843,593
  • 2020: 628,254
  • 2021: 813,861
  • 2022: 969,380

Source: David North, Immigration Expert

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